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Our owner, Laura Cudd

More About Laura

Laura Cudd has made a lifetime of learning.  Learning to care for patients not only through evidence based medicine but also through listening to patients and understanding individual needs.  Specifically, Laura earned her BS Pharmacy from OU in 1991, and her Masters and PhD from OSU in 1999.  Laura has a passion for reading and research which led her to pursue a career as a clinical pharmacist and clinical pharmacy manager at Integris Health and Oklahoma Heart Hospital.  She has now embarked on a career as an independent pharmacy owner, bridging the gap between hospital and home by taking her years of experience in transitional care out into the community.

On a personal note, Laura and Richard bought Asbury Pharmacy in 2015.  They have 3 boys, Dylan, Ryan and Sean.  The Cudds enjoy Reds baseball, Sooner sports, Thunder basketball, Celebrity Attractions theater productions, Oklahoma Ballet/philharmonic, wine country travels and yoga!

Asbury is part of our community

Asbury has a 40 year history in OKC, truly making it a local grown business.  First licensed as Gillium Pharmacy at 63rd and May in OKC, it continued to operate with Mike Asbury at the helm beginning in 1985.  Mike loved to compound and collaborate with local physicians for individualized patient care.  He was the creative mind behind the 3 leaf logo of Asbury as he drew it on many notes throughout the years.  Mike was such a strong influence that not only his children, but also other ‘kids’ who worked in the store through the years continued their love of medicine and helping people.

Mike’s wife, Donnie, became sole owner of Gillium Pharmacy and changed the name to Asbury Pharmacy upon his passing in lasting tribute.  She continued to nurture Asbury pharmacy with the love of a school teacher.  She has loved her patients and her employees, making a lasting mark on the community and succeeding in the pharmacy business with her own special touch. 

The third generation of Asbury Pharmacy is just beginning.  With Donnie’s retirement, Laura and Richard will continue to grow the rich tradition so carefully sown by Mike and Donnie, providing a personalized brand of patient care and collaborative practice with physicians.